Healing, manifestation & online business mastery

Imagine if you could let go of all the things holding you back, including trauma you’ve been carrying through your life.

Imagine if you could step in to a life where you can be your true authentic self and start living for YOU.

Imagine if you could create the life you’ve always dreamed of, but have been too afraid to take action on.

Hi! I’m Priya!

A few years ago, I was in a successful corporate career, working my way up the ladder. Life was “good” but still I was depressed, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Then, I made the decision to move from Birmingham, UK to Vancouver BC for a dream no-one could see but me, not knowing anyone or what my next steps would be, I embarked on an adventure that changed the course of her life.

I now work 5-10 hours per week with my soul aligned clients helping them heal from their traumas and achieve their dreams with Reiki, Energy Work, Personal Development Coaching and Online Business Coaching.

Just like me, you too can step into your divine power and live your LIMITLESS Potential.

I am truly blessed to live an aligned life, full of love, positive energy and abundance and I am ready to show you how you can too.

You should get in touch if:

You’re tired of feeling stuck, not knowing what steps to take next.

You feel frustrated, anxious and unmotivated.

You know you are ready for more, you’ve had a taste of success and you have an inner craving to step in to everything you were meant to be and more.

You are deeply curious about energy work, abundance frequency and activating codes which will enable you to grow and expand by unlocking new levels of you.

Let's work together!

Courses & Programs

Our courses and programs are designed to give you the tools and strategies you need to skyrocket your success. Get ready to get Authentically Aligned, upgrade to your Limitless Lifestyle and become a master of manifestation.


Meet your Limitless team!

Hi! I’m Priya.

I'm your coach!

My work is aimed at helping passionate individuals to live their life’s purpose to the fullest while building financial stability and manifesting a life of their dreams. I work with my soul aligned clients, helping them heal from their traumas and achieve their dreams with Reiki, Energy Work, Personal Development and Online Business Coaching.

Limitless by Priya is predicated on my own belief and experience that attaining self-love and awareness is the first step to realizing one’s own capabilities, re-discovering one’s purpose in life, and cultivating success in one’s life. I combine light work with coaching to help you release energy blocks and step into a life that you love.

I have a background in Psychology and Mental Health, I am a Master Manifestor, Energy Healer and Mindset and Personal Development coach. I also coach entrepreneurs to launch and scale their heart centered businesses from a place of purpose and alignment to create generational wealth.

Hi! I’m Sunny.

I'm your success mentor! 

As an individual, I have many facets to my personality.

I have been a criminal solicitor for 17 years.

A mother of twins aged 3 years old.

I am an entrepreneur with a successful business, Sunnys Cake Co was rebranded and relaunched just over a year ago under the guidance of Priya.

By taking on the role of mentor with my fabulous coach, I have added another feather to my cap.

I will be with you throughout your Limitless Journey, helping and keeping you accountable. and making sure you achieve inspired goals.

Together, we can empower spiritual and entrepreneurial women and help them live their limitless and abundant lives.


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