A Guide to Energy Cleansing Tools


White Sage

✦ Burning white sage (also known as smudging) is an ancient spiritual ritual and is a well established practice by Native American Tribal groups.

✦ White Sage is antimicrobial and is believed to clear out spiritual impurities, pathogens and even insects. Burning sage is also thought to help neutralise positive ions which are allergens like dust, mold and pollution – a blessing for asthma and allergy sufferers and those with bronchtitis.

✦ Smudging is also used to help connect to the spiritual realm and enhance intuition – burning sage can lead to a healing state and not only is it believed to dispel negative energy from your space, it can also cleanse or empower specific objects ( such as crystals).

How to use:
Light the end of a sage bundle with a match or candle, let it burn for 15 seconds and blow out. The ends should start smoldering, releasing smoke – direct the smoke in to your space and around your body – do not directly breath the smoke in. Once your space has been energetically cleansed, allow the ash to collect in a fire proof bowl.

Palo Santo

✦ Palo Santo comes from a tree with the same name which literally translates to ‘Holy Wood’. The tree is considered to be deeply sacred and spiritual.

✦ Palo Santo is for purification and raising vibration and works great when it is used with White Sage.

✦ It is commonly used for calming the immune and nervous system aiding in healing and faster recovery from illnesses.

How to use:
Light the wood at a 45 degree angle – be patient whilst it starts to burn, it best to use a candle so you can hold it down in to the flame for a few seconds, allow it to burn for 30 seconds then blow it out. Wave the smoke in to every room in your house, all of the corners and it always works best when you have set a positive intention or repeat a mantra such as – I am grateful for the energy of the Palo Santo to cleanse my space and invite positive energy. Once you have cleansed your space, wave the stick around your body and then place in to a fire proof bowl to let it burn….please note, when buying Palo Santo it’s important that it is ethically sourced ( I would not recommend buying off sites such as Amazon.)


Why use crystals?

Crystal healing is intentionally working with crystal energy to positively influence our own energy and well-being. Crystal healing can be found in many cultures around the world – they take millions of years to form and are made up of repeating chemical structures which hold magnetic and electrical energy fields.. The different types of crystals are made up from different minerals and the environmental conditions which is how different crystals hold unique energies.

Which crystals are best used for energy cleansing?

✦ Black Tourmaline
Black tourmaline is said to be one of the most powerful crystals for its ability to transform and cleanse negative energy – it is known to repel negative energy and can also help with releasing energy blocks within you. Black Tourmaline works with with the root chakra so keep it close to your lower body, in the corners of your house and close to your bed.

✦ Selenite Wand
Selenite attracts the energy of positivity and light and is one of my favourite crystals to use during a Reiki session. Selenite holds water in its chemical composition which makes it unique in the way that it is able to trap and reflect light. Due to this unique composition it helps to remove energy blocks by creating a fluid flow of energy throughout the body. You can hold a selenite wand in your hand whilst meditating or tuning in to the light that surrounds you – expand this light around your space to clear negative energies – Selenite energy will also offer protection and shield your body from negative frequencies.

✦ Rose Quartz
I love rose quartz – mainly because it speaks directly to the heart chakra, circulating divine loving energy throughout the aura. The high vibration of Rose Quartz can soothe emotional wounds and balance your energetic state for acceptance, healing and love. Incorporate Rose Quartz in to your gratitude practice, sending love and healing to all aspects of your life, wear rose quartz jewellery to open up to receiving and giving loving energy and you can decorate your house with rose quartz to bring about balance and harmony.

It is important to charge your crystals by placing them in direct sunlight or moonlight, you can place them in salt water (this can be damaging for some crystals so please do your research), cleanse by smudging or run your crystals under water – if you are able to use a natural water source such as the ocean or river then even better!

Crystals can also be infused with Reiki by a Reiki Healer – they are able to hold on to the Reiki Energy which you can then tune in to.

There are many other tools for Energy Cleansing such as sound bowls, implementing feng shui strategies, having a Himalayan salt lamp, taking a healing bath with salts etc – when starting to use something new it is important to do your research on how to use them correctly and to pick the ones you resonate with most.

As with most tools and practices, it is our belief in them that also gives them the energy and high vibrational state to work for us.

I would highly recommend implementing a full moon ritual in to your life and using one of the tools mentioned above as clearing negative energies under the full moons energy can affect us deeply and it is usually when we are most open to absorbing negative energy.

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With love & light,

Priya x