What is an Energy Cleansing Bundle?

What is in an energy cleansing bundle?

Usually we recognize we require things, but we’re not confident about why and how to utilize them.

I would say every home / individual requires this DIY kit.

Why? I hear you inquire, well read below on all the elements and when bought together, the effect they can have on you and your surrounding.

Palo Santo meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, comes from a tree from central and Southern America. Traditionally, only fallen twigs from the tree are harvested, and it is between 4-10 years when the twigs mature when their medicinal and mystical properties appear.

Palo Santo is applied to cleanse your environment, so use on a monthly basis or every time you do a deep clean in an area. I use it frequently around electrical items.

Sage is a herb that can be utilized in a multitude of ways and has several health benefits, it is high in nutrient value, loaded with antioxidants, supports oral, menopausal, blood sugars, memory / brain health, helps lower bad cholesterol.

It can be used in ceremonial rituals. Sage bundles are regularly used to clear the air to eradicate negative energies, to bring peace and protection and to raise your vibrations.

Light the sage with a non-toxic candle. Place it into a seashell or ceramic bowl, and you can use a feather to encourage the smoke. If you are cleansing a room. Walk around clockwise, thanking the universe and asking for it to dispel all negative energies, preferably moving the towards an open window or door.

Lavender the common garden plant, but when burnt, lavender releases a pleasant smell that can instant calm and relax you. I know lavender to help with healing traumas, grief and assist with relieving anxiety and depression. It offers protection and promotes love and peace of mind.

Selenite crystal or quartz a clear and white in appearance. This is a great crystal for energy clearing, but selenite has amazing healing properties too and can be used alongside daily practices of meditation, Reiki, breath work and yoga.

Crystals are a complicated business, but selenite is a beautiful all-rounder. If you have no other Crystal but this one you will be fine. Selenite is great for the home as it helps to bring back tranquil and harmonious vibrations, while simultaneously decreasing any heavy and conflicting energies.

Selenite too can cleanse and purify other crystals. Simply place it with the other crystals, and it will accumulate all the negative and inharmonious energies.

Holding selenite during meditation and focusing on the crown chakra has an astonishing healing capacity. You can further charge Selenite with affirmations, which help raise your vibrations and make you feel your best.

Using all these things elements, consciously can be so very impactful.

Lastly, but so very importantly, due the commercialization of Sage, Palo Santo and crystals. It is so critical to ethically source these items, to make sure you have the most authentic product so that you may have the most authentic and aligned with experience.

You can order your own energy cleansing bundle here!

With love & light

Priya x