Hi, I'm Priya!

"Everyone needs a Priya in their lives!"

Authentically Aligned Graduates

My work is aimed at helping passionate individuals to live their life’s purpose to the fullest while building financial stability and manifesting a life of their dreams.

I moved from Birmingham (UK) to Vancouver BC for a dream no-one could see but me, not knowing anyone or what my next steps would be, I embarked on an adventure that changed the course of my life.

I now work 5-10 hours per week with my soul aligned clients helping them heal from their traumas and achieve their dreams with Reiki, Energy Work, Personal Development Coaching and Online Business Coaching.

I guide motivated individuals in re-discovering their purpose and integrating their passion into their lifestyle model, with a focus on eliminating fear-based thinking and utilizing new and old techniques for success in all areas of life.

I am an expert in healing trauma and helping you move forwards from a place of authenticity and alignment.

My work is heart-centered and goal-oriented; Limitless by Priya is predicated on my own belief and experience that attaining self-love and awareness is the first step to realising one’s own capabilities, re-discovering one’s purpose in life, and cultivating success in one’s personal and/or business life.

I combine light work with coaching to help you release energy blocks and step into a life that you love.

Not only do I have a background in Psychology and Mental Health, I am a Master Manifestor, Energy Healer and Mindset and Personal Development coach. I also coache entrepreneurs to launch and scale their heart centred businesses from a place of purpose and alignment to create generational wealth.

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