Client Testimonials

Bally Aujla

"It was the best investment I have ever done for myself! My life has NOT been the same since."

Where do I start?!!

I’m a mummy to 3 beautiful young children.. even though life was a struggle.. I was completely lost. I just did not know who I was. I had everything I needed right here in front of me, but just never knew what to do with it. I was one of those that just kept myself to myself and never felt I was important and always had that feeling I never existed, but just got on with it.

I came across the beautiful Priya on Facebook, after doing a full moon ritual (which was awesome). I went on to joining a group program Authentically Aligned.. and OMG it was the best investment I have ever done for myself.. my life has NOT been the same… I totally love my life!! For me it was definitely a difficult process, but I am so grateful I went through this process with Priya and the beautiful amazing ladies in my group. Working together as a team, and supporting each other. The course was amazing, fun, emotional, I enjoyed every moment of it.

That moment.. that feeling of knowing who I am… and what my purpose is. Was totally amazing, I remember jumping up and down (and I still do) During the course I become so confident, I look at myself in the mirror and feel totally amazing 🤩 I feel ME. My relationship’s are more loving! And everyone is loving the the new me.

I was able to release so many energies that no longer serve me, with priya’s help. And with all the teaching and material from the course, I am able to deal with issues in a more positive way. Priya is so approachable, any issues I had Priya would always reply back..Priya is such a beautiful soul, she knows her stuff. She is so professional and friendly, whenever I felt low she could 💯 help me to get back on track. She is so incredible, I continue to work with Priya after the course for coaching. And my life is still progressing.. I am soooooooo extremely grateful for Priya, and the beautiful ladies in the group.

I would highly recommend Priya.. and AA course, it has changed my life. Priya Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Aman Kaur

"Priya has been the key factor for the many positive change and achievements I have made"

Please take this as a heart felt thank you for all you have done and allowed me to do with all your help and support.

I have been working with Priya since last year on various programmes, such as full moon rituals, unleashing your limitless self and the authentically aligned.

I have to say we all need Priya in our lives and the constant voice of true inspiration in our ears.

Priya had been the key factor for the many positive change and achievements I have made. Priya has alway worked with me intuitively to help me and held my hand along this journey, through the good and bad moments.

Priya has a surreal energy vibe and an aura that has allowed me to be my authentic self and open up my whole life.

I have not only gained Priya as an amazing soul in my life, but the authentically aligned programme has formed forever friendships with women who are on similar journeys.

This is thanks to Priya who connects people who are aligned, on the same energy level to allows us all to bring the best out of each other in a safe and secure space created by her.

I would say Priya has been from the almighty, the real life angel to be the blessing and guidance we all need.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Priya for being you.
Thank you for all the transformation you have supported me to achieve in my life, with my children and in business

If you want a coach to make a transformation, look no further! Priya is all you need to make the change 🙏💕

Nisha Matharu

"Priya has changed me in ways that I thought would never happen"

Working with Priya has been a life changing experience for me.

Priya has changed me in ways that I thought would never happen, and my life and my soul are flourishing from these changes every day.

The trauma and insecurities that I have been dealing with for so many years are now starting to crumble away and I can see a stronger, happier and more authentic version of myself emerging.

I still have some work to, but I now have the tools to make this journey of mine seem so much more achievable.

I'm truly blessed to have Priya in my life and I can't thank her enough for all the positivity she has bought into my life.

Reena Komal

"I am forever grateful to the universe for sending Priya into my life"

I had seen so many courses and always wanted to join one but money never permitted me to.

When I joined Priya’s 3 day free course it was like this was meant to be and the universe made a way for this to happen.

Priya has come into my life like an angel, working with her has been the best ever.

I have learnt and accomplished so much since joining the AA course, not forgetting the amazing ladies I have met on the course.

I am at a place in my life where I had never thought was possible to come this far in such a short time. I am able to stand up for myself and believe that I can create and will achieve anything I want to. I still have a long way to go but without Priya’s support I may not have even got this far.

I am forever grateful to the universe for sending Priya into my life.

Tanvir Mahil

"I can honestly say the last four months have been a whole new chapter in my life"


I connected with Priya 4 months ago. I can honestly say the last four months have been a whole new chapter in my life. From moving out, to my health, to working on myself and my traumas, my confidence, understanding myself, my self worth and loving myself.

Priya has this energetic aura which is contagious. I opened up to her about past events which I have never discussed, I can not tell you how much that has changed my life!! She is not just a coach she goes over and beyond. She checks in with you when she senses your energy is low. Her 121s have helped me bring close-sure to my past traumas and has helped to love myself. She has helped me put to bed traumas that we’re holding me back, she has helped me align, understand my chakras and has helped me to see so much more in the world that I didn’t not think was possible.

Priya is with you every step of the way every min of the day which makes you want to put the work in to see the results.

I have had a coach before whom I left as they were not great and I’m so grateful I did as I would not have met Priya and I clearly was meant to. My knowledge has grown and is still growing. I’m so so so so grateful for you Priya and for helping me through my journey and can not wait to see what else is instore!!

Jas Panesar

"I will forever be grateful for Priya and for having her in my life!"


I came across Priya by chance on Instagram flicking through stories and straight away felt a connection. I wasn’t in a great place at the time and started to get some reiki sessions from Priya and from there was introduced to the AA programme. I was feeling lost, my life was on a standstill and in need of some direction.

I’m not going to lie during the programme you are sometimes mentally challenged which means there’s some laughter but also some tears but you need that to release and let go!

You have to put the work into it to fully reap the benefits of the work you’re putting in and sometimes it doesn’t come through to you straight away it’s only afterwards you realise.

Priya helps and guides you throughout your journey on the course. The AA girls are on their own journey yet we all shared a journey of growth and development.

By the end of this course you and other ladies become a unit, you’re each other’s’ cheerleaders as you go through so much.

I'm so grateful i joined AA 2021 when I did as it’s helped me so much. This has only been possible with the patience, guidance and constant constructive support from Priya. What she offers is life changing, you will get out what you put in!

So many people comment how they have seen a “change” in me as to how I react, respond and overall behaviours and this is all through the work we had put in and understanding it fully.

I will forever be grateful for Priya and for having her in my life!! And along the way met some amazing soul sisters who now fully understand me 💕